Tisha & Steven’s Wedding – Elm Bank, Wellesley, Massachusetts

After capturing weddings for over 10 years now sometimes I start to think that I’ve seen everything that these type of events have to offer. But then a wedding like this comes along and you realize you really never know what your going to see next. Which is why this job is so cool. Aside from figuring out how to work through a massive amount of rain (even had the bride’s dad holding on umbrella over me for the first look), this wedding featured customized cat socks, a guy blowing giant bubbles, limbo with some dude’s belt and a one of a kind inflatable-cat jumping contest. So much fun to photograph and be a part of it all. And luckily, especially because Elm Bank is such a special and beautiful setting, the rain stopped for brief periods after the ceremony to allow us to take advantage of the amazing outdoor space for portraits. I’ll certainly remember this one for a long time to come. Enjoy.

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