T & I’s Wedding – Endicott Estate, Dedham, Massachusetts

Although I do enjoy photographing raindrops, umbrellas and storm clouds, it always makes me feel a little bummed out when I know rain is in the forecast for a wedding day. And certainly it did rain a bunch for this one, but it seemed not to stop anyone here from having an amazing time. It was my first time shooting at the Endicott Estate and its such a warm spot – really perfect for the day’s weather. The crowd was so lively, they were dancing and celebrating every chance they got – so awesome to capture all of the true love shown for the couple. Plus there was the couple’s cute doggie hanging around all day, a bunch or cute kids, a taco truck, and some delicious pie as well. And to top it off, one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve seen in a while. Perfect way to end the day. Enjoy.

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