Rhusha & Mike’s Wedding – Atlantica Restaurant, Cohasset, Massachusetts

Rhusha001 Although a few raindrops did fall on Rhusha and Mike’s wedding day, luckily the weather held off long enough for us to take advantage of the scenery around beautiful Cohasset Harbor for some portraits and scenics. We even found a way to use some of the puddles creatively for reflections which is always a fun challenge for me. The whole event was a blast full of so much laughter and so many big smiles, exactly what I love to capture. And of course ending the night with a table full of candy is always a great way to go. Enjoy.Rhusha002Rhusha003Rhusha004Rhusha005Rhusha006Rhusha007Rhusha008Rhusha009Rhusha010Rhusha011Rhusha012Rhusha013Rhusha014Rhusha015Rhusha016Rhusha017Rhusha018Rhusha019Rhusha020Rhusha021Rhusha022Rhusha023Rhusha024Rhusha025Rhusha026Rhusha027Rhusha028Rhusha029Rhusha030Rhusha031Rhusha032Rhusha033Rhusha034Rhusha035Rhusha036Rhusha037Rhusha038Rhusha039Rhusha040Rhusha041Rhusha042Rhusha043Rhusha044Rhusha045Rhusha046Rhusha047Rhusha048Rhusha049Rhusha050Rhusha051Rhusha052Rhusha053Rhusha054Rhusha055Rhusha056Rhusha057Rhusha058

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