Rebecca & Steven’s Rehearsal Dinner – Rudi’s, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Loved spending the first weekend of summer up in New Hampshire celebrating with Rebecca and Steven. I’ll post the wedding images soon, but first here are the festivities from their Friday night dinner spent with close family and friends. As you can see it was smiles, and laughter, and good drinks all around for this one. Enjoy. RebeccaSteven002RebeccaSteven003RebeccaSteven004RebeccaSteven005RebeccaSteven006RebeccaSteven007RebeccaSteven008RebeccaSteven009RebeccaSteven010RebeccaSteven011RebeccaSteven012RebeccaSteven013RebeccaSteven014RebeccaSteven015RebeccaSteven016RebeccaSteven017RebeccaSteven018RebeccaSteven019RebeccaSteven020RebeccaSteven021RebeccaSteven022RebeccaSteven023RebeccaSteven024RebeccaSteven025

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