Katelyn & Jason’s Wedding – Nashawtuc Country Club, Concord, Massachusetts

K463It was all blue skies to match the dresses and flowers on this perfect spring day celebration with Katelyn and Jason. Her dad hung a rosary out of her window in hopes of good weather, and clearly it worked. Its these details that I always love capturing – the little things that make each event unique and special in its own way. Enjoy. K464K465K466K467K468K469K470K471K472K473K474K475K476K477K478K479K480K481K482K483K484K485K486K487K488K489K490K491K492K493K494K495K496K497K498K499K500K501K502K503K504K505K506K507K508K509K510K511K512K513K514K515K516K517K518

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