Liz & Joe’s Wedding – Ipswich Country Club, Ipswich, Massachusetts

LizJoe001Well its a little hard to believe, but if I can count correctly, 2014 marks my 8th year shooting weddings full time. Excited to start off the season celebrating with Liz & Joe and their close friends and family up at the Ipswich Country Club. I love the fact that even though I’ve covered well over 100 weddings at this point I find myself consistently shooting at venues that are new to me and constantly having new experiences. Like having a fox run by right before the ceremony – never seen that before. I gotta say, that was pretty cool. Looking forward to sharing lots of great images in the coming months. Enjoy.LizJoe002LizJoe003LizJoe004LizJoe005LizJoe006LizJoe007LizJoe008LizJoe009LizJoe010LizJoe011LizJoe012LizJoe013LizJoe014LizJoe015LizJoe016LizJoe017LizJoe018LizJoe019LizJoe020LizJoe021LizJoe022LizJoe023LizJoe024LizJoe025LizJoe026LizJoe027LizJoe028LizJoe029LizJoe030LizJoe031LizJoe032LizJoe033LizJoe034LizJoe035LizJoe036LizJoe037LizJoe038LizJoe039LizJoe040

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